Teen Peace at the US Social Forum

The Teen Peace Project sponsored and presented these workshops at the 2007 US Social Forum in Atlanta. For more info on the US Social Forum, visit www.ussf2007.org

Information from the US Social Forum website:

The Teen Peace Project:Empowering, Educating, and Supporting Youth-- Founded in 2002, in Washington state, The Teen Peace Project provides education on nonviolence and encourages young adults to consider becoming conscientious objectors. After studying and discussing war, peace , nonviolence and military service, Teen Peace members are invited to share their knowledge with their peers and community through public presentations and workshops presented throughout Washington State. Teen Peace provides materials and a place to discuss challenging and important issues. Young adults are encouraged to form their own thoughts, so they can be prepared if a military draft ever returns. Teen Peace founder Liz Rivera Goldstein currently serves on the national steering committee for United for Peace & Justice. Her work with local youth helps direct her work at the national level.

 Militarism - The 800 lb Gorilla in the (class)room
This session will be on: June 30, 2007 - 3:30pm     It will be held at: NOT ADA - Jugglers' Space room at the Little Five Points Community Center
This session will be a discussion on militarism and popular culture - how the military is inserted and accepted in schools, churches, movie theaters, as movie subjects, in music, comedy, magazines, online, video games..... and how young people, people of color, lower income and immigrant groups are targeted by military ad campaigns and military recruiters.
This workshop will provide room for us to present what we have seen, what you may have been doing in response, what works and what challenges we face in the counter recruiting movement.
Please bring sample opt out forms, flyers, brochures, artwork, or any other materials and ideas you have developed to do counter recruiting and oppose militarism.
Counter recruitment is a powerful method to limit military recruitment. Counter-recruitment can also be a tactic to diminish militarism’s grip on the consciousness of youth and, subsequently, future generations.
* What ideas do you want the participants to take away?   We hope participants will find new ideas and connections for inspiration and action.

 Revolutionary Visions: Anarchism, Socialism, Pacifism, Feminism, Multiculturalism, Environmentalism, Globalism. Presented by Teen Peace and Sam Diener, co-editor of Peacework Magazine of AFSC New England
This session will be on: June 29, 2007 - 3:30pm
It will be held at: NOT ADA - Jugglers' Space room at the Little Five Points Community Center
In this participatory workshop, we briefly examine various alternative philosophies of fundamental social change and how these perspectives have been slandered by dominant society. We then apply these complementary perspectives to specific aspects of society in order to start brainstorming creative ways to restructure the world.

 “Keep on Singing Loudly”: The Power of Politics and Song, presented by Emma's Revolution. Co-sponsored by Teen Peace and United for Peace and Justice
This session will be on: June 28, 2007 - 3:30pm    It will be held at: Horizon Theater room at the Little Five Points Community Center
 How has music informed and propelled social justice movements of the past? What’s happening now? How can we use music to fuel today’s progressive movements for peace, workers’ rights, the environment, etc.? Participants will learn, discuss and sing together.

 GI RESISTANCE & SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT AGAINST WAR & EMPIRE   This workshop co-sponsored by Courage to Resist, Catalyst Project, and Iraq Veterans Against the War.
(Liz Rivera Goldstein will help present with information on her work for Lt. Watada)
This session will be on: June 29, 2007 - 1:00pm     It will be held at: Choir Room room at the Trinity United Methodist Church
There are over two and a half people million that do the work of the US military and millions more of their family members that come from our communities. GI resistance was key in stopping the Vietnam War and is a key part of a people power strategy (along with counter recruitment, direct action, and community organizing) that can end the US war in Iraq and the underlying policies of empire.
Come if you are active duty or a veteran, military family member, or a grassroots organizer and want to support soldiers that have the courage to resist and the ability to stop US war.
A brief explanation of what's going with GI resistance and support followed by facilitated discussion and interactive networking for groups and individuals who are interested in supporting in resistance within the military to end war and empire.