On Saturday Sept. 23, 2006 Teen Peace joined with 400 people from across Western Washington to Declare Peace at Indian Island

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Press Release Announcing the Demonstration


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:             September 13, 2006                                       

Local Group Plans Nonviolent Action on Sept. 23 to Support New Course on Iraq

National Coalition to Take Action September 21-28 if Congress Won't Make Comprehensive Iraq Withdrawal Plan

Announcement comes as Bush confirms intention to stay in Iraq indefinitely

From Washington State to Washington DC, peace activists are renewing and reinvigorating efforts to end the occupation of Iraq and prevent future military invasions.  On Sept. 23rd, people from across Washington state will gather at HJ Carroll Park, near Port Townsend, as part of a national grassroots week of action from September 21-28 to bear moral witness to the ongoing occupation in Iraq and urge Members of Congress to approve and implement a plan for peace.

Plans for September 23rd include a peace march to the Indian Island naval base, the major weapons depot on the west coast, to engage in creative, nonviolent direct action.  There will also be a peace and justice fair and the day will end with a free performance by Poets Against the War, Big Whoop, and David Rovics.   Veterans for Peace in Olympia have chartered buses to bring people from Olympia and Seattle.  Organizers have heard people are planning to come from Seattle, Bremerton, Bainbridge, Port Angeles and other cities across the state.

The naval base at Indian Island was chosen because of the role it plays in storing weapons that are shipped to Iraq and around the world from this remote Washington location.  The navy has been expanding activities at Indian Island, and is planning to bring Ohio class Trident nuclear submarines to the island.  Local citizens have requested information on safety and environmental issues, and a majority of both the Jefferson county commissioners and the Port Townsend city council have asked for a public forum to address resident’s questions.  The navy has refused to participate in public forums or to address the concerns of citizens. Seattle resident Glen Milner has sued the United States Navy in U.S. District Court in Seattle, culminating years of effort to inform the public about safety risks related to the ammunition depot at Naval Magazine Indian Island near Port Townsend.

“We can no longer stand by and watch the escalating death and destruction in Iraq, with no end in sight.  We demand that members of both political parties have the moral courage to end the occupation of Iraq”, said Liz Rivera Goldstein, of the Indian Island Coalition, which is planning the Washington State event.

The Indian Island Coalition is one of over 370 organizations nationwide who are part of the Declaration of Peace campaign, who believe that it is time for Congress to demand that the Bush Administration provide a comprehensive, concrete and rapid plan to end the war in Iraq, including a prompt timetable for withdrawal of troops, a peace process for security, reconstruction and reconciliation, and the shifting of war funding to meet education, healthcare and employment needs. (Declaration of Peace goals listed below)

Reflecting a growing national consensus for a new direction, the national Declaration of Peace campaign is calling on Congress to legislate by September 21 a comprehensive plan to end the US occupation of Iraq.  If this policy is not established by this date, people across the US will participate in one or more creative events supporting such a plan for peace, including candlelight vigils, peace concerts, interfaith services, marches, and acts of nonviolent civil disobedience.

Indian Island Coalition members include the Teen Peace Project, Port Townsend Depleted Uranium Study Team,  Ground Zero Center for Nonviolence, New Society Trainers for Nonviolence, Sound Nonviolent Opponents to War, Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation, Green Party of Washington State, Sound Peace and Justice, and Youth Against War and Racism 

Goals of the Declaration of Peace

Establishing and Completing a Comprehensive Plan to End the US War in Iraq

The Declaration of Peace is a commitment to take nonviolent steps for a comprehensive, concrete and rapid end to the US war in Iraq, including:

Withdrawal of US troops and all coalition forces

Closure of US military bases

Support for an Iraqi-led peace process, including a peace conference to shape a post-occupation transition and an international peacekeeping presence if mandated by this peace process

Return of Iraqi control over its oil resources and the political and economic life of the nation

Reparations and reconstruction to address the destruction caused by the US war and thirteen years of sanctions

Establish a “peace dividend” for job creation, health care, education, housing, and other vital social needs

Increased support for US veterans of the Iraq war, and 

No so-called “preventive” war against Iran or any other nation

National Declaration of Peace web site   http://www.declarationofpeace.org

Washington state web site    www.declarationofpeacewa.blogspot.com